I want to tell you my best tip for identifying highly processed food so you can recognize it quickly without being a nutritionist or researching food for hours.

But first, I can’t tell you how often I am told the foods people feed their kids. Without me bringing up my blog, the foods my kids eat, or discussing health, people seem to want to tell me the foods they give their kids to eat. It almost feels like confession or justification time for them. I just sit and listen, because I am not one to tell people how to feed themselves or their kids (unless they ask…).

What I’ve learned through listening, is how often parents assume certain foods are healthy, when it’s actually far from healthy. However, I understand where they are coming from because that used to be me, and we were never REALLY taught which foods are good for us! Knowledge of these principles gives us the power to make smarter food choices.

So, let’s begin by learning this one simple way toward recognizing highly processed food…

Here it is…

If there are more than 8 ingredients in the “Ingredients:” list (located under Nutrition label), then it is most likely highly processed!

That’s right! Stop looking at the health claims on the front, stop checking to see if it’s organic or gluten-free to decide it’s healthy, stop counting calories, just check the ingredient’s label.

I’d like to add a bonus tip, and that’s to remember the BEST foods don’t have an ingredients list.

So simple, right?

Sometimes we make things all too complicated (or perhaps the food industry leads the confusion), when it’s really not meant to be!

Because so much of the food in our grocery store is highly processed, it can be difficult to discern. But, looking at your ingredient labels is a great first step!

As you eat less processed food, you will begin to feel better mentally and physically.

Comment below what kinds of changes you’d like to make to regain health…

I love hearing from you!