Have you tried Walmart Grocery Pickup? I’ve started using this on a weekly basis and I have some things I like and don’t like about the experience. I’d like to share with you my completely honest review so you can decide if you’d like to give it a try.

Placing an Online Order at Walmart.com

Before I place an order at Walmart.com, I figure out what I’ll be cooking for the week so I can know what ingredients I’ll need to purchase. I also keep a running list on my phone for all the additional things I think of throughout the week. (For common items that I buy at my mainstream grocery store, check out my Healthy Grocery List in my Freebie Library.)

Placing an order online at walmart.com is super simple. It was actually easier than I thought. After creating an account, click “Free Grocery Pickup” in the upper right corner. 

Choose a “Pickup from…” location so they can know what items that store has to offer and where you’ll be picking up at. Finally, you can begin searching for all of the items on your list.


After filling your cart, you’ll need to reserve a pickup time. The very next day is usually as quick as you can pick up your groceries. You can also schedule your pickup time a few days out. Walmart gives you many times in a day day to pickup. Super flexible. And…if you don’t go at that exact time because your day doesn’t go as planned (like mine usually doesn’t), they will still give you your groceries even if you’re an hour or two late. So kind! 😉

After you place your order, Walmart will email you and let you know that you can make changes to your cart up until a certain time. I usually pick up the next day, so I have until around 1:00am that night to make changes. I love this flexibility because I always think of one or two more items to add that were forgotten.


On pickup morning, Walmart will email you again, reminding you of your pickup time. In addition, they have a blue “Check In” button within the email. They hope you will check-in when you are on your way, so they can know how far away you are. This makes their process pretty seamless upon arriving.

(The first time I ordered, upon arriving for pickup, the associate asked me if I’d checked in. I told her, “no”, and that this was my first time. She explained the check-in process to me…Part of that process included them knowing where I was and if I’d stopped to pick up a burger prior to arriving. Eek! This made me feel uncomfortable. I asked another associate a different time about this and he told me that all they know is how many minutes away I am. I can see how beneficial this is to their system, so they can know whose groceries to have ready, but still feels a little creepy?? IMO.)

Picking Up Groceries

Upon arriving, an associate will come out to your car and ask you if you’ve checked in. I usually say no, because it’s one more thing (gah!)…but it’s no problem because they’ll check you in if you don’t. (whew!) The advantages to checking in, is being able to have the groceries ready for you at the door. Otherwise, you may have to wait a couple of minutes. I think the longest I’ve waited for my groceries was 5 minutes. They will also tell you an substitutions that were in your order due to lack of inventory. You can accept the substitute or decline it.

Then, they will bring your groceries out, load them in your car, get your signature for purchase, all while you sit on your tush and catch up on emails. I LOVE this. Especially, when I have two toddlers!! Finally, an email is immediately sent to you after you sign your name in their system. It’s the receipt for your order.

Here are things that I LOVE about the Walmart Grocery Pick-up:

  • After you’ve ordered a few times, Walmart.com knows the items you like to buy and will make a scroll bar of previously bought items. I always like to quickly look through this to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything.
  • Over-all, I save a little bit of money buying my groceries from Walmart. I also save money by not going in the store and buying things that aren’t on my list.
  • Wal-mart shops, loads, and processes my payment while I have little effort involved.
  • It’s FREE!! They gather your groceries, put the groceries into their check-out system, and load them into the car. This saves me tons of time!
  • I can buy a variety of products beyond just food items. I like to buy some non-perishable items, home goods, and toiletries there as well.
  • They gave me a Christmas gift when I picked up an order in December. I’ve never really felt like Wal-mart cares about their customer service, but since doing grocery pick-up and receiving this gift, I think they are upping their game. It was a kind gesture!


Here are Things That Are Worth Pointing Out as Constructive Criticism:

  • I don’t love Wal-mart produce. The Walmart here in St. George definitely has better produce than the one in Ohio, but I still find that Smith’s/Kroger has even better. It’s not holding me back though because the benefits outweigh this complaint for me.
  • In terms of variety, I prefer Smith’s/Kroger grocery store. Most people would probably disagree with this. However, I am pretty particular about my ingredients and brands of foods. Walmart has your everyday brands and not much more. I prefer choosing foods that have decent ingredients labels, and when I do this, the popular brand is 99.9% not the one for me. Overall, I believe Smith’s has more healthy options than Walmart.
  • A couple of times I have ordered an item, and I got way more than what was expected. For example, one time I ordered 4 yellow onions and came home with 4 bags of yellow onions! Haha!

For me, the benefits definitely outweigh any inconveniences. I’ve been over-all happy with my service at Walmart Grocery Pickup.

If you’re ready to order groceries online while sipping your hot cocoa, and have someone shop and load them into your car for FREE, here’s $10 off your order from Walmart!

What’s been your experiences with Walmart Grocery Pickup? Has anyone else been using this service…tell us below what you think!





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