Are you taking a multivitamin?? So many reasons to be on board with taking a multivitamin!


Some of the main reasons to be supporting your health in this way are:

  • Corrects nutritional deficiencies that can cause fatigue and other challenges
  • Supports healthy pregnancy
  • Promotes proper growing and development (adults and kids)
  • Improves brain function
  • Enhances eye health
  • Helps maintain bone strength


Not all vitamins are created equally, and some may actually do more harm than good when it comes to your health. For example many:

*are contaminated and contain harmful fillers

*contain additives and questionable ingredients like food dye, hydrogenated fats, genetically                modified fats.


Not only can these ingredients zero out the health benefits of your daily multivitamin, but they may come with long term consequences to your health.


Check the ingredients label carefully! Steer clear of multivitamins pumped full of fillers, food colorings, and chemicals. Lastly, buy from a reputable retailer to be sure you’re getting the real deal!

Supporting your health in this way can make a big difference in your overall health! Hope these tips are helpful in your hunt for a multivitamin that’s right for you!




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