The health of your digestive system has a lot to do with lifestyle and is determined by:

  • the foods you eat
  • the amount of exercise you get
  • and your stress level throughout the day.

Good news….there are many natural ways you cab help yourself to overcome digestive issues!

One thing that’s really cool about the digestive system is that it’s connected to other major systems within our body. Nervous system, endocrine, and immune system. Our body is amazing, and all the systems work together. When one is out of whack, the others are affected too.

By taking steps to improve your digestive health, your digestive system will function more efficiently, and this will improve your overall health.

I want to share with you 6 ways to improve digestion:

  1. Keep chewing! Chewing is underestimated, but the more you can break down your food in your mouth, the less work later.
  2. Eat plenty of fiber! This is what keeps your food moving through your intestines. Eat lots of plants and whole grains paired healthy fats.
  3. Drink plenty of water! This is a simple tip that will have a big impact; too little water will lead to a harder stool that is more difficult to pass through the colon.
  4. Exercise! Moving your body – taking walks or jogs, lifting weights or doing yoga – keeps food moving through your digestive system.
  5. Feelings of stress or anxiety can mess with your digestive system because your brain and digestive system are connected. Stress can lead to digestive problems like irritable bowel syndrome and ulcers. To help control these digestive health issues, try stress-relieving exercises, getting more sleep or relaxation techniques like steady breathing or meditation and prayer.
  6. Besides fiber, one of the things missing from most of our diets is healthy doses of probiotics, which are beneficial bacteria that help the immune system. This is what really helped my daughter Katie with her digestion issues! Probiotics compete for space with bad bacteria, promote the release of natural antibodies in the digestive tract and can even attack unhealthy bacteria directly in some cases. Research has found that probiotics can ease irritable bowel syndrome, prevent allergies and infections and even shorten the duration of the common cold. Digestive enzymes are another great daily supplement that can really boost digestive health.

These are awesome tips to boost your digestive health. I hope this was helpful! If you have a friend or loved one struggling with digestion, share this post…it could help them!

Also leave a comment below on what’s worked best for you in improving your digestion. We’d love to hear!



PS…If you want to know what my favorite probiotic is, shoot me a message!