What a fun opportunity to be featured on Bosch’s website with my Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins!

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Add Fresh Treats To Your Holiday Baking

With Bosch Mixers

Bosch Mixers reached out to several foodie fanatics, including Laura Clark from Whole Food Nanny, to bring you new treats to add to your next holiday menu.

Laura brought a more nutritious twist to the project with her healthier pumpkin chocolate chip muffins recipe. These muffins fill your belly with guilt-free goodness using whole grains and very little sugar!

You can make these delicious treats with a Bosch mixer as Laura does. In fact, she owns a Bosch Compact mixer and a Bosch Universal Plus mixer, since the Compact is better for fast small batches of tasty food while the Universal can cater to a crowd.


For more delectable holiday baking recipes, take a look at other yummy favorites shared by friends of Bosch below.

Teri – A Foodie Stays Fit

We all love a good dessert bread, no matter the season. Teri adds to our list of favorites her dense and oh-so-moist pumpkin gingerbread recipe.


I love making Pumpkin Gingerbread in my Bosch Mixer. It lets me make a large batch easily, so I have two loaves—one to take to a party and one to eat at home!


For Teri, having a Bosch for all her baking needs, both during the holiday season and for regular baking, was naturally a must-have. “Our Bosch mixer fed our family of eight, including my five hungry brothers, and the bread often fed our neighbors and church. Not having a Bosch was never an option once I had my own kitchen.”

Noreen – Noreen’s Kitchen

You won’t have any leftovers when you make Noreen’s easy yeast dough cinnamon rolls recipe. Noreen often quadruples her cinnamon roll recipe to appease all the people who have come to love these soft, sugary treats.


They can be made in advance and frozen before frosting then thawed and frosted and given away. You can always have a couple dozen at the ready for when the need arises.”

As the daughter of a pastry chef and an avid baker herself, Noreen can’t imagine tackling all her holiday baking without a Bosch mixer. “I have never had a mixer that could do four batches of yeast dough at one time, and frankly, I won’t have another brand in my kitchen again. The mixer is super easy to use, and it works more quickly and efficiently than other mixers to make your doughs, batters and other recipes come out perfect every time.

Katie – Clarks Condensed

Being chained to the kitchen isn’t how most of us want to spend the holidays. If you want dinner rolls without hours of work, then try Katie’s quick honey dinner rolls recipe.


I’m a big believer in simplifying. This recipe is perfect for anyone who wants homemade rolls but wants to spend time doing something other than cooking all day.”

Katie is new to the Bosch mixer life, but she already has incorporated it into her baking and cooking routine. “I have only had my Bosch Mixer for a few months, but I am wondering how I lasted so long without it. It makes baking even more fun, and the results are perfect every time.

Before the holiday rush, when you need to bake homemade food gifts for friends and neighbors as well as crank out multiple holiday feast, do yourself a favor and add a Bosch stand mixer to your kitchen. Like the other blogging bakers, you will wonder how you managed for so long without this key kitchen helper.