Laura Clark Whole Food Nanny

Hi, I’m Laura.

I’m a busy mom to 4 crazy-cute kids, wife to my husband, Chris, and I love hiking, exploring, mountains, peanut butter, and my new found love, pickleball! I am the author behind this healthy lifestyle blog, and I’m so glad you’re here!

So welcome to WFN! My goal here is to share insight into living a healthy lifestyle mentally, physically, and spiritually. You’ll find helpful info about gut-heath, family-friendly healthy recipes, and blog posts about how you can thrive in each facet of life.

The blog name, Whole Food Nanny, came from the traditional sense of the word “nanny”: someone who loves, supports, and encourages. That is exactly what I am hoping we can can do for each other here as we become healthier mentally, physically, and spiritually.


In 2005 I married my sweetheart, Chris. Chris graduated from BYU with an economics degree and landed a great job in Ohio (where I’m from). Life was wonderful, but not so wonderful at the same time as mental illness soon crept into our lives. Amazing things and huge blessings were happening all around us, but fully enjoying these blessing was a real struggle. It felt like we had a storm cloud hovering over us for years. Many years.

In 2010, I began instructing Zumba Fitness classes. Besides prayer and family, this was the single best thing I could’ve done to keep me afloat amidst hard times. I instructed my own classes for 5 years, renting out an awesome gymnasium at a church, and LOVED it!

During this year, we also added our second child to our family. She was beautiful and perfect in every way, except she didn’t feel well most of the time. It was evident that the foods we were eating really upset her stomach and overall health.

In 2016, I started WFN to write about the amazing transformation that food can make in our lives.


As Katie’s health improved from changing her diet, our whole family began adapting this new plant-focused, unprocessed way of eating. This was HUGE, since Chris was a meat-eating, pop-drinking lover. We all saw great benefits, even Chris.

Things like, a much stronger immune system (sick less often!), diminished headaches, more energy, huge decrease in my husband’s depression and anxiety, weight loss, maintaining a healthy weight, clear and bright complexion, dramatically decreased food cravings, reduced snoring, change in palate/taste buds to enjoy eating plant-foods, decreased IBS, and more.

Chris and I also notice huge changes with our kid’s behavior when they eat mostly whole foods. They are way less moody, better able to focus, and more flexible. This alone helps our family to stay on track and eat real food most of the time.

I’m sharing all this because our lives have changed as we’ve made simple changes in our eating habits and lifestyle. I truly hope the information shared here is beneficial for you!

(UPDATE:) In 2018, we made a leap of faith and moved across the country to to St. George, Utah. Chris now works from home that allows us to live wherever. We love it here! We’ve been blessed to find something that drastically improved not only Katie’s gut issues, but Chris’ mental wellness! It’s been a miracle for us. Read about what helped most of all here….

Disclaimer: I try to be as real here as possible…we can be messy, far from perfect, and we struggle from time-to-time, but we will always be honest and share the things we learn that has impacted our health the most. <3

With Love,  Laura