I’m a healthy food shopper. It is fun to me to find new awesome products that don’t have food colorings, a million additives, processed ingredients, etc.

But, it’s not always easy to know what is healthy.

Adapt these tips when you grocery shop, and you’ll find healthy grocery shopping to be not as much a mystery!


  1. Shop Perimeters: Have you ever noticed how almost all of the real food is placed along the perimeters of your grocery store? This helps when it comes to knowing where real food is located. I like how this keeps me away from the processed food aisles most of the time. An added bonus to shopping the outer edges of the grocery store is your shopping will be done MUCH quicker!
  2. Spend Most of Your Time in the Produce Section: This can take some getting used to, if you’re one to spend only 3 minutes grabbing some bananas and carrots. But it’s true. Most of your time should be spent in the produce department because these are the foods that nourish our bodies the most. Grab the fruits and veggies your kids will have as snacks for the week, buy your family’s favorite fruits, buy bags of prepared greens as a quick salad at dinner or as a lunch. Call me nerdy, but I love the colors of the produce department. The prettier and cleaner a store can make their produce department, the more enjoyable it is to shop there and crave good food.
  3. Avoid the Frozen Food Aisles, Except for Frozen Produce: Not much to say here except there’s only highly processed foods that wreck your gut health, make your feel tired, moody, bloated, and depressed. Walk on by…
  4. Shop at a Wholesale Natural Food Store. I really appreciate the variety that a wholesale health food store has to offer. While this isn’t a MUST, it does offer way more variety in healthy food. It also offers products at affordable prices compared to mainstream grocery stores. Thrive Market is my go-to health-food store because I can shop healthy, organic, natural products at wholesale prices. If you haven’t tried it, use this link to get 25% off your first order over $49.
  5. Health Food Department Isn’t Always Healthy: True! It’s called the “Health Food Section” but it actually has a lot of highly processed foods as well! What the heck, right!? I think they give it that department name because generally, it’s higher priced foods and so they assume it must be healthy (haha…I don’t really know.).  In addition, it has brands that claim to be better food items. And, some are, but some aren’t. This is where you really have to learn how to avoid those health claims on the front of your packages and dive in with what is actually in the product.

Do you have any healthy grocery shopping tips?