Have you ever noticed how healthy eaters are perceived by many not-so-healthy eaters as people who only eat salads and boring, flavorless food?

If that’s you, you’ve got it all wrong! These Amazing Chocolate Chip Cookies are a great example of how you can still enjoy treats, but be cautious about the ingredients put in your body. All while being careful to not over consume on treats. Healthy eaters choose quality of food as the focus and mindset.

This mindset change was new to me.

I grew up in a home where many great habits were instilled. My mom always had a vegetable on our plate and it was usually broccoli (yay!) and cooked at home almost every meal (even if some was convenience food). Much of the focus was on what was least expensive, as it is for any family who is mindful of their spending. Any fast food restaurant we went to, we all bought from the dollar menu, and I rarely remember having foods like avocados or raspberries because they are more expensive. This mindset will not bring health in the long run. It may save you a penny in the present, but will catch up to you in meds and doctor visits sooner or later. Change your mindset to change your health. This does not mean breaking the bank!

The interesting part of all this, is that my family of 5 spends less than $150 in groceries per week buying real-whole foods.


  • We eat what we buy (and we buy and store extra since we buy in bulk)
  • Plan out our meals
  • Don’t buy EVERYTHING organic
  • I know the prices of the stores in my area (It’s amazing how different prices can be for the same item at different stores….watch out for this!)
  • Stick to only buying real food. Buying real food and then buying processed food in the mix will add up your grocery bill fast!

Back to the cookies.

What makes these cookies healthy, you might ask? Well, I really don’t want to say they are healthy per say because it’s still a cookie, but they are MUCH better than store-bought and most homemade cookies. If you really are looking to understand WHY, there are a few reasons. Still curious? Then, you will want to check out my Free E-mail Course: 5 Ways to Beat Sugar Cravings and Boost Your Energy.

It will cover:

1. How you can boost your energy levels with food

2. Steps to begin consuming less sugar

3. Discover the shocking truth of how much sugar we unknowingly eat in a day

4. What to eat instead when feeling stressed and tired

5. How to spot hidden sugars in your food

You’re going to want in on this if you’re looking to upgrade your health! Get Your Free Course Here…

ANYWAY…if you love a good cookie, you’ll want to snatch this recipe. Thank you to our community member, Cindy W., for such a fab recipe!!! <3


Please tell me if you love them in the comments…because hearing from you makes my day! 🙂 And, if you have a friend who you think could enjoy this recipe, then please share!


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