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Yes, it may be easy, but time is our greatest commodity. So let me give you these steps to make this process easier, especially if you are a beginner! This guide will help make it fun and a smooth process for you!

Smoothie Preparation

1.) Select a blender. Make sure you have a great blender that can really puree those fruits vegetables we are going to throw in. My favorite blenders are listed at the bottom of this page.

3.) Time saving tip. Prepare all of your fruits and vegetables the night before by selecting the fruits and vegetables you will use for the next days smoothie, wash the fruits and vegetables, and placing them in a container for the morning. Using frozen fruit helps a lot when saving time. In addition, you can prepare several days worth of smoothie containers in the freezer filled with the fruits and vegetables you want (all you need to do is add the liquid). Freeze quickly, because nutrients can be lost soon after they are cut.

How to Make a Smoothie

1.) Wash produce thoroughly. Who knows how many hands have touched it and what bacteria is growing.

2.) Begin adding in your smoothie ingredients. By adding the liquid first, will help everything to blend well. If adding in apples, carrots, or other hard fruits or vegetables, your blender will thank you by halving them first.

3.) Blender speed. Always ensure your blender’s lid is on securely before turning on. Turn on blender and slowly raise the speed to high. Blend for 1-3 minutes depending on how hard the ingredients are to puree.

4.) Drink your smoothie. Enjoy the delicious flavor of your smoothie! In a container, it can be stored in the refrigerator for 24 hours. But, nutrients are lost the longer it sits (not to mention the flavor turns).

5.) Clean your blender. Follow your blender’s instructions for clean-up. Our blender does great by adding hot water with a dash of dish soap and turning it on high for a minute or two, then, rinsing. We will put the plastic container in the dishwasher or scrub it down manually periodically for a deeper clean. I love my Vitamix! You can shop for one here:






Extra Smoothie Tips:

1.) Make a double or triple batch. I almost never make a smoothie for just me. I always make in bulk to reduce my time in the kitchen. Make enough smoothie for your whole family. For times when I am the only one home, I will fill all the cups and place them with a baggie or some type of lid over the top to help them stay fresh and keep those nutrients in there as much as possible.

2.) Freezing smoothies. Some smoothies can handle being frozen and thawed much better than others. If you plan on freezing one so you can have it the next day, it’s a good idea not to include a banana or avocado in your smoothie. Bananas and avocados just don’t preserve their original flavor very well when thawing. Smoothies are great for freezing in popsicle molds and giving to kids for a snack. You can find my favorite popsicle molds that I’ve used for years HERE. I’ve tied other types, but these are the best. 😉

3.) Always store in cool places. Don’t leave smoothies out for longer than 30 minutes. Not only do they begin to lose nutrients, but generally speaking, kids especially like them chilled.

4.) Be fun and creative. For kids, pour them into colorful fun cups. Talk about how their green smoothie is one of their favorite character’s favorite drink. Or how their smoothie will help them to grow and be able to jump high and run fast. Buy special “smoothie straws”. Have them suggest the ingredients to add into the blender or be sure to include their very favorite ingredients to ensure them loving it. Make it a fun experience. Get them looking forward to a smoothie.

And the best tip for getting kids to drink smoothies is…

5.) Get your kids involved in the process. When age appropriate, have your kids begin making smoothies with you, and soon enough they’ll be making them for everyone without your help. Who doesn’t want that?!

I hope you found these tips helpful in your green smoothie experience! <3






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