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Cajun Chicken Quinoa

2018-01-17T14:47:23+00:00 February 6th, 2017|

This recipe was the first time I'd ever used creole seasoning and I fell in love with it. The beans are a perfect compliment to the quinoa and are very filling! Let me know how you like it in the comments below! <3 -Laura     Recipe inspired by Trim Healthy MamaCajun Chicken Quinoa - [...]

My Daughter Katie’s Health Update (Gluten-Free)

2018-01-17T14:47:24+00:00 February 4th, 2017|

  I thought I'd do a quick update on my daughter, Katie's, health in hope to inspire, motivate, and encourage anyone who may be suffering with their health or who have children who struggle with feeling well. The beginning story of Katie and her health struggles can be found on my ABOUT PAGE. This post [...]

Traditional Bean Chili

2018-01-17T14:47:24+00:00 February 3rd, 2017|

Everyone needs a good chili recipe, and we must be nothing short of original because we like our chili simple and traditional. And, this recipe comes from a lot of cans which is great for making quick dinner prep or taking to a Super Bowl party. A couple of things I'd like to share about the [...]

No Bake Cookies (with honey)

2017-02-02T17:24:50+00:00 February 2nd, 2017|

I grew up in a home that had no bake cookies a couple of times a month! So, as you can imagine, I crave that flavor periodically and it totally brings me back. This is quite a sweet dessert and isn't for everyone, but was something I didn't want to give up. Because you know [...]

Creamy Cherry Pineapple Smoothie

2018-01-17T14:47:25+00:00 February 2nd, 2017|

This smoothie reminds me of a pineapple upside-down cake that has cherries on top. So delicious and so rich in antioxidants. The antioxidants in cherries protect the body from damage caused by free radicals. This is beneficial in keeping our skin looking youthful and helps prevent wrinkles, UV skin damage, and helps to repair the skin's [...]

Healthy Chocolate Milkshake

2017-02-01T10:51:16+00:00 January 19th, 2017|

Back in the day, when I first started learning about eating healthy for the sake of my daughter Katie's health, I had omitted milkshakes. For years! Gahhh! Then, one day it dawned on me how my kids were growing up not knowing what a milkshake was. What kind of mother was I?! :) Milkshakes were a [...]

7 Healthy Swaps for Unhealthy Food

2018-01-17T14:47:26+00:00 January 18th, 2017|

  When I began learning about healthy eating so I could help my daughter Katie with her upset stomach, it took me awhile to understand that we could still have most of the delicious meals and treats we were currently having. I simply needed to swap out ingredients with healthier ones*. Who wants to say goodbye [...]

47 Every Day Uses and Benefits of Coconut Oil

2018-01-17T14:47:26+00:00 January 10th, 2017|

I'm so excited to share my love of coconut oil with you! Coconut oil is an item I'd never owned or used prior to making healthy changes in our diet. So, if you don't know much about it, that's ok! We all start somewhere and I hope after your read this, you'll be ready to [...]

Homemade Creamy Ranch Dressing and Dip

2018-01-17T14:47:27+00:00 January 5th, 2017|

  If wanting to eat real food as the majority or all of your diet, ditching processed salad dressings and dips can be hard! They are full of ingredients that make us want more and more....ingeniously designed, right!? But, the problem is that they quickly turn something healthy into junk food with all their artificial ingredients, [...]

5 Food Myths That Do More Harm Than Good

2018-01-17T14:47:28+00:00 January 2nd, 2017|

Every year around the holidays, I hear people say they must "diet" once the parties are over. I cringe at the word "diet" and dislike using it because it has a negative connotation when it comes to people wanting to lose weight and be healthy. The reality is there's not short term fix as the word "diet" [...]

5 Minute Hot Chocolate-in-a-Jar Gift Idea

2017-11-26T23:12:36+00:00 December 20th, 2016|

Merry Christmas! I hope you're enjoying the holiday season and the time spent with family and friends! <3 I love the music, smells, lights, trees, snow, and added love during these holidays. It is always a busy, yet special time of year. I hope you're not sweating the small stuff and focusing on the stuff [...]

Fluffy Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Pancakes

2018-01-17T14:47:28+00:00 December 20th, 2016|

While this isn't the most nutritious meal, I want to point out, there is a big difference between refined, highly processed pancakes and pancakes made with whole grain real ingredients. When we eat food made with whole-real food ingredients, we are giving our body the nutrients, vitamins, and fiber that it needs to work and [...]

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

2018-01-17T14:47:29+00:00 December 14th, 2016|

There is so much to love about this recipe. Not only is it total comfort food and perfect when sick, I also love that it is full of bone broth. Have you heard all the benefits that come from consuming bone broth? Perhaps this needs its own blog post. :P To name just a few [...]

Homemade Hot Chocolate

2016-12-20T11:19:46+00:00 December 14th, 2016|

Everyone needs a homemade hot chocolate recipe because the store-bought powder and syrup is all-out junk. For the longest time we just didn't make hot chocolate or chocolate milk because I really didn't like the store-bought stuff. Maybe you've felt the same...Now you can make your own and stop buying the processed food items for this. Yay! [...]