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Laura Clark Whole Food Nanny

Hi, I’m Laura Clark! And I’m a busy mom to 3 crazy cute kids, wife to the Mr. Clark, and I am all about helping your family create healthy eating habits. I focus primarily on eating less processed food and mostly whole foods.


Everyone has a story, so I’d like to share mine with you! First off, I am not a nanny. The name Whole Food Nanny was created because to me, a nanny is someone who loves, supports, and encourages families. That is exactly what I am hoping myself and our community can do for each other here.

I haven’t always made the best food choices. Mr. Clark and I have been married for 11 years, but our journey to eating more whole foods began about five years ago. Back then, we were junk food addicts. We ate from fast food restaurants often and bought mostly packaged products at the grocery store. I just figured that was normal life—doesn’t everyone eat that way? But when our second child was born, it seemed like everything she ate made her feel sick. And, as an answer to prayer, a friend recommended a book to me about how food affects our bodies and what foods nourish us.

From that moment on, I knew change needed to occur and that we had the power to change Katie’s health (my daughter). I researched and studied countless materials beyond that one book. We changed our diet, little by little, to focus on whole foods, primarily plant foods. It hasn’t always been an easy or smooth transition. A lot of bumps in the road, falling off the path, and re-aligning ourselves with our goals over and over again. But, now we have a greater understanding of why we are doing what we do because of those experiences. I’m enthusiastic and passionate about sharing what we’ve learned because it has honestly changed our lives.


Through eating a whole food lifestyle, my daughter no longer has an upset stomach. She’s free of food allergies (she had peanut, dairy, and egg allergy), her eczema cleared up, her ear infections subsided, and her asthma has been significantly reduced. While I can’t say that living a whole foods lifestyle cured all her illnesses, I do know that as we fuel our bodies with appropriate nutrients, it can heal itself.

Read more of her story here: Update on Katie’s Health

Katie isn’t the only one who noticed changes. We’ve all seen major quality of life improvements. Things like, a much stronger immune system (sick less often!), no more headaches, more energy, overall feeling of happiness, huge decrease in my husband’s depression and anxiety, weight loss, maintaining a healthy weight, clear and bright complexion, dramatically decreased food cravings, reduced snoring, change in palate/taste buds to enjoy eating plant-foods, decreased IBS, and increase in confidence.

Mr. Clark and I also notice huge changes with our kid’s behavior when they eat mostly whole foods. They are way less moody and more flexible when eating proper nutrition. This alone helps our family to stay on track and eat real food most of the time. Who wouldn’t want this change? 😉


I’m sharing all this because my life has changed as I’ve made simple changes in my eating habits. I truly hope the information shared here is beneficial for you!

Oh! I also enjoy hiking, shopping, running, being with my family, and date night. 😉

With Love, Laura



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