50 Candy Free Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Your Whole Family

If you’re like me, stocking stuffers are one of the last things I think about when it comes to preparing for Christmas.

There are a million other things we “should” be doing and this one just seems to get left behind until the very end. I know for us, we’ve had so many Christmas Eve runs to Wal-mart to pick up socks, toothbrushes, and little knick-knacks to throw into stockings. Because of this, I decided it was time to come up with somewhat out-of-the-box (and sugar-free) ideas that will keep you from the busy stores and help give you ideas for gifts beyond candy and treats. (No, I¬†am not against a little candy and treats in stockings. But rather, refocussing the attention away from junk food). ūüėõ

If I can help you take this one thing off your shoulders, then you can have one thing less to stress about which means more time for family. So, I want to share some super cool ideas for stocking stuffers that you can purchase ALL on AMAZON in just a sec!

First, I’d like to share with you my most favorite holiday traditions! Over the years, we have accumulated many Christmas books. I’d say we are pretty close to 25! When we pull out all of the Christmas boxes, I take those books and wrap each one and put it under the tree. Each night before bed through the month of December, I have one of my kids unwrap the book. They are all feel-good books and really help bring the Christmas spirit into our home. I do this with my almost eleven-year old (this age is not too old to read to), eight- year old, and two year old.

One of our favorite Christmas books to unwrap and read is “The Christmas Sweater” by Glenn Beck. Check it out…I think you’ll love it too.


Gifts for Little Ones

  1. Lullaby Sleep CD¬†We’ve loved good lullabies for our babies and feel like they’re a lifesaver while in the car!
  2. Play-Doh (10-pak) Does it seem like with toddlers you go through play-doh like you go through bananas?
  3. Burt’s Bubble Bath¬†¬†I literally just picked up some for my toddler for her stocking. She had a melt down when I took it to hide it for Christmas. They love their bubbles!
  4. Laurie Berkner Band Kid’s Songs¬†¬†This CD has been a family favorite for years. All of my kids have loved these songs! That’s why I’m suggesting it! ūüėČ
  5. Animal Hand Temporary Tattoos¬†These are just fun! My kids love make animals with their hands even without the tattoos…so just imagine. ūüėõ
  6. Wet Brush Original Detangler  Save them shedding tears with this brush. Seriously, it saves me tears too!


Gifts for Him

  1. Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker¬†We have 3 of these, and I kid you not, my husband just said yesterday he’d like one for Christmas! Men and their toys!
  2. 4-Port USB Car Charger 1-USB port no longer covers us. Too many devices that need juice.
  3. Samsung 32GB USB Flash Drive Extra storage. We all need it, no?!
  4. Massage Oil Caught me! It’s really so he can massage my back! ūüėõ
  5. Digital Tire Gauge Our tires aren’t the only ones that become low (what feels like) all the time, right!?
  6. USB Hub We have more charging cords around this house than we can keep track of. So, you can bet multiple plugins are necessary in some spots. My husband likes his connected to his computer at work.
  7. Super Bright LED Mini Flashlights (pack of 4)¬†We keep these in inconspicuous spots all throughout the house just in case our power is out¬†(that’s about as good as I get when it comes to preparedness).
  8. Necktie Travel Storage Case¬†If we travelled more, I’m sure the mister would be all over this.
  9. Regal Movie Gift Card Does your husband love movies like mine? He rarely goes cause he’s too busy, but when he does, he¬†really enjoys his 3-D action movies!



Gifts for Her

  1. 100 Random Acts of Kindness Book Being totally honest here, sometimes I need the extra ideas because I can become pretty brain dead.
  2. Essential Oils Basic Gift Set¬†Have you tried essential oils yet? OMG…I may have made fun of them years ago. Guilty…but now totally am in love as I’ve seen them make my life easier. EO experts, don’t drill me on the brand here… ūüėõ
  3. Kenra Finishing Hairspray Travel Size¬†You guys! Anyone who knows me well, knows this is my all-time favorite hair spray. I’ve tried a lot of them. If you haven’t tried it…you’re missing out!
  4. OPI Big Apple Red Nail Polish Can you ever have too much red nail polish? I’ll add pink to that too! OPI stays on much longer than any cheap brand. Worth it.
  5. CamelBak Water Bottle One of the best. IMO.
  6. Dr. Teal’s Pure Epsom Bath Salt This is always good for those stressed out, muscle aching, stressful nights that we all have. Really helps.
  7. Badger Classic Lip Balm¬†We like this stuff because it totally trumps other big-name chap stick brands. Have you ever noticed how lots of times they don’t help? Put one in each stocking.
  8. Natural Bar Soap (6-pack) We’ve recently moved away from the unnatural¬†body soaps¬†to more of the real deal.
  9. Women’s Shoulder Bag¬†I love this purse and love all the color options. I don’t know if it’d fit in a stocking…but maybe the stocking could fit in the purse!?
  10. Avocado Slicer¬†All I can say is, this is so cool. My kids think it’s pretty awesome too.
  11. Apple Corer Recently came upon this gem. Take out the core and thinly slice the apples. You can bake them, dry them out, and they make great creative snacks for kids.
  12. No Slip Fitness Headband Keep the fly-aways away.


Gifts for Play

  1. Rubiks Cube Our oldest was interested in this a few years ago, so Mr. Clark took the time to learn how to solve it so he could teach him. Major confidence booster for our son to do something difficult.
  2. Bamboo Slingshot Bow Stick some marshmallows in this guy and you can have some pretty fun wars in the back yard!
  3. Character Bandages A stocking staple in our home.
  4. Auto Return Yo-Yo Random toy that every kid needs to experience.
  5. Lego Minifigures I love how small these are! Kids can occupy themselves for a long time with these little guys.
  6. Hot Wheels Gift pack (set of 9) Because every kid needs cars.
  7. Lego Star Wars set My son has been in love with Star Wars and Legos. I figure there are lots of other boys who feel the same, so putting the two together is genius.


Gifts for Fun

  1. Bags of Unicorn Farts Oh my gosh. I can’t even….¬† The perfect white elephant/gag gift. (Warning: contains sugar….I couldn’t stop myself from including it so just ignore this one!)
  2. Little Girl Fashion Jewelry Set My girls love jewelry and thought this was absolutely adorable.
  3. Little Girl’s Bored No More Quick Book¬†Because every kid gets bored.
  4. Silly Straw Glasses Hilarious. So perfect for Christmas morning breakfast.
  5. Earbuds with mic¬†A staple these days…
  6. Wooden Block Brain Puzzle We love brain-teasers. They are also really great for the cognitive development in kids.
  7. “Elf” movie¬†(Blu-ray) EVERY home needs a copy. One of our family favorites!!!


For Creative Hearts

  1. Sidewalk Chalk Holder I’ve never seen these before now, and¬†thought how much quicker you could draw on the driveway with one of these!
  2. Sidewalk Chalk Have you ever played Pictionary or 4-Square on the driveway?! So fun!
  3. Melissa & Doug Watercolor Paint Set¬†Kids love arts and crafts. ūüôā
  4. Underwater Disposable Camera So fun for the kids to take pictures under water!!
  5. Melissa & Doug Origami Paper Because, when you have a 10-year old, you go through mountains of origami (at least we have!).


Gifts to Encourage Learning

  1. Drumstick Pens For your drummer…
  2. 3-in-1 Card Game (Go Fish, Old Maid, Memory)  We love these card games and are so perfect for young to older kids.
  3. Boogie Board Jot eWriter¬†Do you have one of these? We LOVE them. Perfect for in the car, long days at church, and any other down time that needs patience. And it doesn’t involve a screen! ūüôā
  4. Flip Book Kit¬†This sounds like a super fun idea…kids think flip books are so cool!
  5. Little Girl’s Secret Lock Diary¬†My daughter has loved this diary. She says the lock is the best part.

I hope you liked some of these ideas! Let me know which ones were your favorite below! And share with your friends because we are all looking for more stocking stuffer ideas! Thanks so much!



Disclaimer: I may earn a small commission for my endorsement, recommendation, testimonial, and/or link to any products or services from this website. Your purchase helps support my work in bringing you real information about health and wellness. Thank you! <3

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    Awesome ideas Laura! Thanks!!

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      Thanks, Heather! Glad you liked them! ūüôā

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    Wow Laura. You are amazingly creative with a wide variety of ideas. Thanks very much!

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      Thanks, Judy! Glad you liked them. ūüôā

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